Meet the Members of Sounds of the Street...
All  the music that you experience during one of our appearances was played and recorded by John Mulrenan . These Tracks are recorded professionally in his Studio.    


Frank DiRobella 
: Keyboards and Drums
Original founder of The Sounds of the Street, Frank plays keyboards and drums.  He sings baritone,second tenor and lead. Frank started singing in the late 50s in Newark. Groups include: Street Corner Band Downtown, Harmony Exchange,  and Hidden Image.
He is the man responsible for all the business of the group (and looking at our schedule is doing one fine job) and also takes care of the computer playback of our tracks!  In 2006  Don K Reed's Outdoor Acapella Winner's @ Richard Nader's Summer DoowopShow and opened up in indoor stage for Johnny Maestro n Brooklyn Bridge, Duprees and other Recording Artists. Frank always has
a "ready smile" and enjoys meeting and talking to our fans.

Eddie Gaudio : 1st/2nd Tenor Lead  
In groups Prime Time Revue, The Emery's, Sidewalk Symphony, The Dupree's, Sal Anthony and the Doo-Wop Shop and Class of 57' and currently with Sounds
of the Street. Eddie has one of the most powerful and distinctive voices in
doo-wop today. His renditions of the Johnny Maestro song book are
unforgettable! Eddie has been a valuable addition to The Sounds Of The Street.

Lou Spinelli : Bass/Lead/Falsetto/Baritone 
Known as"Sweet Lou" for his sweet falsetto sound.  He now sings bass for "The Sounds of the Street". Lou's love for the street corner style singing goes back to his high school days in Jersey City, where he went to school with two members of the Dupree's. In the early 70's he was in a group called The Memos where he met and became lifelong friends with Sound of the Street member, Eddie Velasquez. Since then he sang with Reunion, Twilight Time, Magic Moments, Parkway and Parkside Symphony.  He also worked with a group called Carmel, tutored by the late Nick Massi (original member of the Four Seasons). Lou recorded two top selling albums with Reunion (which also where big hits overseas) produced by Clifton records. He also recorded CD's with Parkside Symphony and Magic Moments.  In 1988, Reunion performed on Showtime at the Apollo and they won "Group of the Year" four years in a row at UGHA (United Group Harmony Association).  He also was part of winning a contest with Parkway for Richard Nader and they were the opening act at Continental Arena for various top name groups of the 50's and 60's. Parkway also opened up the 20th Anniversary show for CBS FM at Radio City Music Hall.  Lou's lead vocals are a pleasure to hear, his interpretations of  "Stand By Me", "Looking For An Echo"' and "Sixty Minute Man', among others are memorable!

Eddie Velasquez - Lead, 2nd Tenor, Baritone  
Eddie Velasquez-(Singing Eddie)  While in high school he sang with the Woodbridge 5 and was fortunate to have opened a benefit show for Neil
Diamond (1967). Since then groups like Memos, The Emerys, Reunion, The Delmonico's, The BeeBops, The Shore Tones, Memories of You and the Echoes in Time have been a part of Ed's singing style of Doo Wop.  He was originally
from Woodbridge and has lived in Brick for the past 28 years.  Eddie is truly
one of the nicest people you will ever meet, take a few minutes to say hello to him and I'm sure you will be entertained by his conversation.  No one sings "Pennies From Heaven" or "What Time Is It" as well as Eddie!

Lou Gomez - Lead Singer, First and Second Tenor
Lou has been entertaining, singing and playing drums professionally from the age of eleven years old. In the late sixties, Lou performed and recorded with a successful Bubble Gum Group earning two Gold records and an appearance on "American Bandstand". Lou moved on to the local scene with the very popular "Hudson County Sextet" and later with "Heavens Choice. Lou has written and recorded for Buddah and RCA records and his underground Disco hit "Bim Sala Bim is still played throughout Europe and the U.S. Lou discovered his "Doo Wop" voice singing lead for "Parkside Symphony" for the past sixteen years.

Lou is proud to be a part of the Sounds of the Street and audience look forward to his signature song "My Prayer".

We are not to be confused with Karaoke!  We record our own tracks to sing to. Why? because we are too old to carry all the equipment necessary to perform the music portion live!

We have had the pleasure of opening for The Happenings, The Tokens, The Harptones, The Channels, The Fiestas, The Duprees,The Elegants, Larry Chance and the Earls, The Angels and Lou Christie to name a few.

We thank all those who have chosen to follow us from place to place. We appreciate your support and hope to continue to entertain you to the best of our ability.

Jerry Mokar- Sax Lead Singer Second Tenor  Jerry is formerly from "COLLAGE" and Joe Bonnano and Godsons of Soul a very talented musician Jerry fills in and does our middle of the night set.  He also does single acts performing at many  Senior Communities he has brought a wealth of talent and knowledge to our Group.......


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